Get Your Phyl!

Randy Ferguson is just like any other teenager. He loves to hang out with his friends, play video games and watch movies. His favorite thing to do however is to play and listen to music. Back home, Randy can listen to his music as loud as he wants to and no one would mind. Why? Because both of his parents are deaf.

Randy doesn’t think that living with deaf parents is a hard thing to do. After all, he has been doing it all his life. Randy says that his “mother and father understands and he is living a good life”.

His mother, Dawn Ferguson, introduces CODA - Children Of Deaf Adults. CODA aims to raise awareness among CODAs themselves, the deaf community and the hearing world about the unique experiences and issues of growing up between these two cultures. According to the Survey Income and Program Participation, fewer than 1 of 20 Americans are deaf or hard of hearing, but up to 95 percent of their children can hear.

At the end of the day, Randy prides himself on being a great musician and though his parents can’t hear his music, he has accepted and adores his family.


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